This product has been discontinued.

If you desire better sound quality from any HDMI equipped device such as a DVD or Blu-ray player, set top TV decoder box, DVR, gaming console, tablet computer or smartphone then HDMI Streamer is the product you need. The first and only one of its type, this handsome compact unit is a very sophisticated external stereo audio sound processor. Using the HDMI Streamer allows the listener to achieve an inexpensive, quality solution for better sound from any HDMI source, including some smartphones and tablets that are equipped with a mini-HDMI output.

HDMI Streamer accepts an HDMI cable input containing all of the digitized audio and video information, strips out and converts the digital audio signal, decoding it into superb quality analog sound ready to be connected to an external preamplifier, integrated amplifier or powered speakers via RCA line-level outputs. After taking over the delicate job of digital to analog conversion of the audio signal, HDMI Streamer then re-encrypts the entire signal and passes it on through its HDMI output to be connected to a flat screen TV, monitor or projector so that the video signal can be seen while experiencing exceptional sound quality. HDMI Streamer's jitter elimination circuitry allows for the lowest possible jitter that results in even higher quality sound.

HDMI Streamer is easy to use: just connect an HDMI cable from the output of your source component (DVD/Blu-ray player, set top TV box, DVR, gaming console, tablet computer or smartphone) to HDMI Streamer's input. Next connect the RCA outputs from HDMI Streamer to an analog input on your home entertainment system, external preamplifier, integrated amplifier or powered speakers and you are ready to experience great sound quality. Connect HDMI Streamer's HDMI output to a TV or monitor and add video to the great sound you are able to hear! Push play on your source component, sit back, relax and enjoy great sound quality.

There are no extra drivers or software to install. Simply connect the HDMI Streamer to your HDMI equipped source, and you are ready to go. LED indicators show the current sample rate (32k, 44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, 176.4K & 192K), as well as the state of the HDMI Streamer's mute circuit; you will always know at a glance your system's operating mode.
Line-Level analog output.

2 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output.

Input selection LED.

Sample rate/Mute LED.

Supports 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k & 192k data rates.

External A/C power supply included.

Designed and manufactured in Southern California.

Product not yet released.Specifications available Summer, 2013.